Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

15 June 2020 |   Minutes

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)? Progressive web apps are apps relying 100% on web APIs. They -almost- look like your normal app, but feature the browser and a […]

Virtual Reality in the Health Industry

15 June 2020 |   Minutes

Virtual Reality has been omnipresent during the few last years, and carried by spectacular efforts in marketing, staff training and -obviously- in the gaming world. It is gaining traction in […]

Machine Learning 101

8 June 2020 |   Minutes

Once upon a time The story of machine learning starts with Arthur Samuel. Right after WWII, the American scientist started being obessessed with the idea of building a program that […]

Google AMP: the amplified mobile experience

15 January 2020 |   Minutes

Have you noticed this carrousel of news article with this “power” sign in your SERP? And have you noticed how fast these specific pages load? AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile […]


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