Digital Transformation can affect all components of your company.
It aims to improve your performance and results (profit, bottom-line comptable), while reinforcing your employees’ well being. It is a true opportunity in a fast-changing, highly competitive world.

Leverage on Technology Opportunities

It is estimated that, depending on the country, approximately 15% of the potential of digital has been designed or implemented. Preparation is going to be key !

This transformation must set in movement a company-wide strategic wind that supports mutations, drives change, trains partners and give meaning.

14eight is an experienced partner in internal as well as external projects fostering a collective intelligence as a vector of performance :

internal communications, open and collaborative innovation

(Social networks, Intranet, Collaborative platforms, Project platforms …)

Partners and Client communications

(Websites, catalogues, databases, eCommerce, support and chatbots …)

Case study
Weleda - Natural Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals


Our esteemed client Weleda, famous health and cosmectics brand committed to deliver natural and bio products, recognised the need to boost their sales team's efficiency by equipping them with digital sales toolboxes.

The Solution:

14eight developped a custom Android app enabling the Weleda sales force to visit their clients with the peace of mind of having the latest marketing campaign content, the latest prices and conditions. On top of that, the representatives can now draw contracts directly from the app and can also check merchandising arrangements on the spot.


In no time, the adoption rate jumped to 90% of the commercial team using the app. Weleda increased the comfort of its sales team and consideraly reduced its paper use, therefore reinforcing its positioning as a responsible company caring about its environmental impact.

digital foremen, we combine a through analysis of your business

and user needs to provide useful and adopted solutions


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