Without the power of digital and a continuous evolution, your company could lose out on opportunities to improve performance. We design and develop, innovative software that inspire users, optimize processes and transform your business for ever-improving efficiency.

Tailor-made solutions

Are you a demanding industry company or agency looking for bespoke software to optimize your processes while inspiring your users? We have an innovative approach to address those demands:

- Requirements study and specifications validation
- User experience audit, visual and ergonomic specifications
- Agile development
- Deployment in web and mobile architecture or secure Cloud

Our solutions are:


opened architectures using web protocols, Cloud or private hosting (Azure/.NET), web services, SQL and NOSQL databases, published APIs.


Protocols and data protection, confidentiality and GDPR compliance.


Solutions delivered with Service Level Agreement and Technical Support


Web browsers based solutions (Chrome, IE, Safari), iOS and Android applications. No need for exotic configurations.

Case study
DCEN - Recruitment


Recruitment agencies put their reputation at stake at each hire. Their success is determined by their ability to find the best talent. Our client relies on their precise processes and digital comprehensive tools to select the best candidates to fill positions at global companies across the world. 14eight was asked to conceive a robust and reliable digital solution to support their expertise in hiring the perfect top managers, ensuring a continued success at each new hire.


DCEN is a platform developed by 14eight for a high profile recruitment agency. From self assessment to peer reviews based on scientific methods, and complex interview scheduling, the platform enables recruiters to conduct extremely precise evaluations and create detailed reports to recruit the very top C suite elements for the best companies in the world.


In less than two years, 4,000 candidates took part in the assessments designed to predict their readiness to fill the position and their potential for evolution. DCEN is now used to recruit for firms such as Danone, Google and more, in Germany, Hong Kong and the United States of America.


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