To reach the highest summits mountaineers need to be ambitious, committed, and strong willed. Expecting the unexpected, they are prepared to adapt, they believe in their skills and their team.
Such is also the way we take on our digital projects. By sharing those values with each team member we maintain a strong team spirit and reach any goal.
Perhaps that’s why our clients say it’s easy to work with us? We don’t know, but anyway when it happens it makes our day.

the team

Mountaineering requires rigourous preparation. At 14eight we value research and detailed planning. Our team is the right blend of skills, know-how and human qualities. We love to work together, as much because we get on well as because we are all different. The result is not only great solutions; it keeps the daily routine rich in exchanges.

We share more
than an office

Take a minute

We gather for thirty minutes every week to listen to a colleague present
something new in his field, and
to discuss its impact.
Here are the topics we talk about: blog.


At 14eight, we encourage new ways of working, such as working from home. As home office has been in place long before the Covid-19 crisis thanks to a solid process, our teams have been able to sustain the same quality of work.

Think outside the box

Everyone is invited to bring their ideas
on what would make 14eight better,
because every voice needs to be

Showing the way

A few times a month, the managing
board meets to think, as a group in
which every expertise is represented,
about the next steps for 14eight.

Work hard, play hard

Whether it’s shooting hoops or
free-kicks, we meet on the playground
once a week, because all work and
no play makes jack a dull boy


Let’s talk about it !