On Earth there are 14 mountains that stand at over 8000 meters above sea level. To conquer them all is the ultimate challenge in mountaineering. As in mountaineering our days consist of:
Planning & team spirit,
Trust & patience,
Challenges & creativity

To reach the highest summits mountaineers need to be ambitious, committed and strong willed. They need to expect the unexpected, and be prepared to adapt. They need to believe in their skills and in their team.

Such is also the way we take on our projects: with ambition, commitment and strength of will to reach the goal, with flexibility to adapt, with strong team spirit.

Perhaps that’s why our clients say it’s easy to work with us? We don’t know, but anyway when it happens it makes our day.

Plan ahead

Mountaineering requires rigorous preparation: plan the ascent, understand the terrain and assemble the tools. At 14eight we value research and detailed planning. Whether it involves online insights mining, evaluating different technical solutions or discovery workshops, we work hard to identify where we’re going and the best way to get there.

Adapt as you go

The best preparation in the world can’t always stop mountaineers getting caught out. Equipment can break; inclement weather can render a simple ascent impossible. Effective project management is something on which we pride ourselves, and we have the experience to rapidly adapt when the need arises. Our goal is to reach the summit, not to follow a plan.

A success is a success, size doesn’t matter.

Mountaineering is not only about reaching the places no-one has yet to tread. It is also about overcoming personal and shared challenges. For us, the size of the challenge is not what matters. When a client has a goal it becomes our goal and we do everything possible to help them reach it, because we know that no summit is too low or too easy and that a success is a success, it’s as simple as that.

A strong team has a bright future

The story of mountaineering is written by great teams with strong bonds. From the earliest English explorers, through the hippy revolution in Yosemite right up to the speed mountaineering of today, team alchemy and the right mix of skills and personalities, backstage or front, has led to great results. We love to team up with our clients to reach the summits together, and to maintain a strong relationship based on trust and mutual understanding. A first success is for us often just a first step in a long line of all new challenges.

Curious to share our mindset and make your project a success?